Valentine’s Day custom PC builds

Some people go with flowers, chocolates and jewelry to celebrate Valentine’s Day. At Simplified Computers, we create custom builds.

Simplified Computers has custom build experts who can help you level up your PC’s performance or make your computer visually stand out in any crowd.

Have a closer look at the custom builds we created to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021!

Pink Computer

For Those Who Love the Color Pink

Our  InWin pink mini ITX is colorful, small, cute, but mighty. The pink case is decked out in style complete with a tinted transparent stand that reflects RGB lighting effects, illuminating the underside of the case.   It boasts stylish furniture appeal as opposed to looking like a traditional desktop you hide under a desk.

The Simplified Computers team equipped this custom build with a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB M.2 NVMe solid state drive with even more colorful RGB lights inside the case, including radiance on the 16 GB of DDR4 RAM. This model is powered by Intel’s UHD 630 integrated graphics card preserving power and reducing heat compared to dedicated graphics cards.

red computer

For those looking to pack even more magic into this tiny case, there is room for some additional hardware. A dedicated graphics card can be added for better textured graphics, faster refresh speeds, and higher frame rates.

The Simplified Computers team created a spacious tower design for top-notch performance results in terms of air flow and temperature control. This model has good air flow to help move heat away. It uses dual addressable Sirius Loop ASL 120 fans. And of course, the fans have dual radiant addressable RGB loops on both sides.

Pink computer inner workings

This custom build includes a colorful array of laser driven RGB lights, and RGB lights make everything better.  With the right software, color capabilities expand to every imaginable color combination or sequence.

We also installed an easily removable tempered glass side panel. Simplified Computers offers the ability to laser etch a variety of materials, including glass. Glass side panels on PC cases can be customized with logos for businesses or your own personally created art.

Oh, there is one additional feature you won’t want to miss. When you need to charge your phone, just set it on top and take advantage of this case’s wireless charging station.

For Those Who Love the Color Red

With the Red Computer , we included a lot of the same efficiencies found in the pink computer, but our designers incorporated even more RGB lights to show off the interior of the PC.

Red Computer Inside

Both the pink and red computers have the same SSD, RAM, and air-cooling functions and are quite similar in how they operate.  The red computer case is the size of a standard tower. The extra space creates more options for RGB lighting and other upgrades.   In the red computer build, the white power cords are organized with RGB PC combs on the interior.  Also, MainGear’s Front Emblem logo lights up in tandem with interior RGB lights specifically chosen for this design.

If you’re looking to push this build even further, there’s room to add a graphics card for high-performance gaming.

If you are trying to keep the Valentine’s mood going year round, or you’re looking for a custom build case with some more color (lots more color), pick up our pink mini or red computer at our Champaign store while supplies last!