Got a new computer and want to transfer the files from your old computer? Simplified Computers can help! Our Data Transfer Service gets your files safely and securely onto your new device with no hassle. We support Windows, Mac, and even Linux computers.

(Business customers that need assistance with data transfer should visit our Managed IT Services page.)

Common Reasons to Transfer Data 

The staff at Simplified Computers have been helping people transfer their most important files for years. Some of the most common reasons people need our Data Transfer Service include: 

  • When a customer gets a new computer and wants to transfer their files from their old computerto the new computer
  • When a computer won’t power on anymore, if our technicians determine the hard drive is at fault, we recover what we can from the faulty drive and transfer it to a new one
  • When our experts install a new hard drive on a customer’s computer, we transfer files from the old drive to the new
  • When a customer needs to move files off old hardware before recycling the old drive


Easy Prices

We charge $90 for our Data Transfer Service.

We also offer home pickup and delivery for an additional $25 if you are in Champaign-Urbana or the surrounding area.