The custom computer builders at Simplified Computers are rockin’ it.  This time they built a system that dons a white and black ThermalTake Commander C31 Snow ATX case and is fully loaded with upgrades to enhance high-performance gaming. 


It comes with everything necessary for faster connections, faster start-ups, and better refresh functionality during gameplay.  This model saves and reads faster.  Games load within seconds instead of minutes. To power this machine our team chose the AMD Ryzen 7, 3700 Octa-core 3.6 GHz with a RGB-accented water cooler.  This build is equipped with a 1TB solid state drive (SSD) and 32GB of DDR4 3200 MHz RAM.

This build works its magic through a premium AIO liquid cooling unit. Our team used the AORUS Liquid Cooler 240. This sealed, low maintenance dual-fan liquid cooler alleviates the need to refill liquid coolant like other liquid cooling devices.



To add some flash to the sleek white and black case, the Simplified Computers builders lit up this rig with radiant color throughout the internal space. RGB lights start at the base where the 850-Watt Bronze RGB Power Supply unit is located. The liquid cooler cabling is also accented with RGB lighting, as is the RAM.

This model - like all our custom builds – prioritizes efficiency, using only the required power cables you need for optimal performance. RGB combs with laser driven lights keep internal cabling neat and organized.


You can pick up this custom build and immediately level up your gaming rig for $2,249.

Simplified Computers can also help you create your own custom-built PCs. Contact us for more details about custom builds and PC upgrades.