Your data. Your computer. Your Wi-Fi. All core parts of a modern digital life. Simplified Computers has trusted experts that can make your digital life more manageable. Our personal IT services will protect your sensitive personal information and keep your devices running smoothly.

Some of the personal IT services Simplified Computers offers include:

Virus Protection and Extra Care Virus Removal 

If your computer is connected to the Internet, you need antivirus and firewall protections to keep your device healthy and safe from hackers and data thieves. Simplified Computers will set up software that will protect your device by continually monitoring for the latest threats. 

If your computer is already running slow or you think you may have a virus, our Extra Care Virus Removal service can clean the malware off of your computer.

Computer Setup

Simplified Computers has the know-how to ensure you have the hardware, software, memory, and storage you need. You can bring in your device to the store or if you are in the Champaign-Urbana area, we can visit your home to help you set up and use your computer.

Home Wi-Fi Service and Setup

As part of Pavlov Media, Simplified Computers helps customers sign up for blazing fast fiber at home Internet service. Additionally, if you live in the Champaign-Urbana area, Simplified Computers staff can help you properly set up and optimize your home Wi-Fi network.

Home Office Setup

Working from home provides you with the work/life balance you need to stay productive in both your professional and personal life. As part of our home office setup services, Simplified Computers will work with you from the initial set-up and software installations to providing firewall protections and a VPN that keep your online activity and identity private.

Data Migration

Getting a new computer is an exciting experience until you start thinking about all the files still located on your old computer. The experts at Simplified Computers know how to safely transfer your critical data from your old computer to a new one, minimizing the hassle for you.