level up gaming accessories sale

Every gamer knows there is a fine line between fragging someone or being fragged. The right gaming accessories like keyboards, mice and even mousepads can give players that extra edge they need. To help improve your gaming performance, Simplified Computers has marked down all sorts of gaming accessories for our Level Up Sale. The sale runs from April 12 through April 30 both online and in our Champaign, IL store.

Our Level Up Sale features individual sale items as well as curated accessory bundles that our expert staff assembled for different gaming skill levels. Whether you are a casual, hard-core or professional gamer we have amazing deals for all levels of play.

Casual Gamer Bundle

Even if you are just getting started as a PC gamer our Casual Gamer bundle can keep you competitive and help you earn the XP you need to level up quickly.

Buying these items separately they would cost a total of $249. During our Level Up sale you can get the bundle for $200 when you purchase all four items.

Hard-core Gamer Bundle

You have completed dozens of missions on your epic custom rig, but you’re still searching for every advantage possible. Our Hard-core Gamer bundle features HyperX accessories for gamers who expect serious performance out of their equipment.

By themselves these accessories would cost $335. Pick up all four at once for only $300.

Professional Gamer Bundle

PC Gaming isn’t your hobby, it’s your life. These SteelSeries accessories are perfect for the gamer looking to compete with the pros.

It would cost you over $540 to purchase all four of these accessories on their own. Our Professional Gamer bundle drops your cost to $500 when you purchase all four items at once.

Additional Accessories for Sale

If you didn’t find the accessory that you were looking for in one of our bundles, or if you are focused in on that one special item, have no fear. Our Level Up sale also includes deals on these individual gaming accessories: