Five steps to secure your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi internet has long since surpassed its wired counterpart as the dominant form of internet service. But like any form of advanced technology, there’s more than one way it can become compromised. To prevent infiltration of your network, here are six recommendations to lock down your Wi-Fi.

Change Router Name and Network
Wireless routers come with a generic username and password, both of which are in public record. Upon installing your hardware, make sure to have the router’s designation changed and a strong password made.

Update Software
Keep your router consistently updated by installing new firmware updates when they become available. Vulnerabilities are always being detected in Internet devices; security patches consistently being released to counter emerging threats.

Turn On Wi-Fi Encryption
To protect a modern router, check the device settings for the ‘WPA2 Personal’ setting. Have the encryption type changed to AES and then set a strong password or network key to the encryption. Make sure that the password you select is at minimum eight characters long, with at least one number and grammatical symbol added.

Deactivate WPS Setting
Despite the sound of its name, the Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature actually introduces new risks. The WPS setting makes it easier for phones and other wireless devices to remotely pair with your Wi-Fi network, leaving a vulnerability for hackers. Look for the WPS button on the router and switch the setting off.

Exclude Unknown Devices
If you are extremely concerned about unauthorized connections to your Wi-Fi network, you can configure your Wi-Fi router to block unapproved devices. Every device that may connect to your Wi-Fi has a unique MAC address. In your router’s configuration settings, enter the MAC addresses of the approved devices and then select an option to exclude all other MAC addresses.
Following this approach will make your Wi-Fi network extra secure, but it will require you to add MAC addresses to your router settings every time a new device needs to join your Wi-Fi network.

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