How to Make Your Computer American!
As the hour of Independence Day approaches, Simplified Computers would like to share in the patriotic spirit of the season. But past barbeques, fireworks, and parades, there’s less conventional means of showing off American pride, namely, your computer. Here are just a few tips of making your desktop as patriotic as it can be!


An easy and direct option, simply set your RGB to the colors of Old Glory. Once you’ve entered the correct three codes, boot up your computer and we guarantee that you (and George Washington) will be proud!


While there’s a plethora of computer cases on the market, few can capture the adequate levels of patriotic spirit for July 4th. Getting a specially painted case that displays the red, white, and blue color scheme ensures that you’ll always have America by your side. Just make sure that the case you pick allows your internal fans to be properly ventilated.


Yes, yes, while we know they’re technically not a part of the desktop, accessories are still a necessary component for gaming, which means representing their patriotism is equally important. Mice, keyboards, even gaming chairs hold inherent potential in showing the time-honored colors of America.